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Flat Plastic Miniatures: The Last Parsec - Primer

Flat Plastic Miniatures: The Last Parsec - Primer

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Arcknight Flat Plastic Minis Are a DM's Best Friend!

Arcknight's Flat Plastic Miniatures are the ORIGINAL plastic standee solution to your miniatures library!

With packs themes ranging from The Wild Wastelands, to the Gloomy Underdark; from the Foresty Grove, to the Demonic Demi-plane; Pirates, Cyberpunk, High-Fantasy, and Sci-Fi, Arcknight has you covered for whatever and wherever your campaign takes you!

Each pack includes DOZENS of UNIQUE and BEAUTIFUL miniatures, giving your players exciting and flavorful visuals for your battles over a whole campaign arc!

Arcknight Minis are thin and durable, so they're easy to store and organize, and printed on flexible thin polycarbonate so when you inevitably knock your minis off the table, they won't shatter like other imitator's "fat minis" who print on thicker, more brittle acrylic.

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