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Kronia Board Game

Kronia Board Game

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The gods have decreed that it’s time to select a new leader from their followers

Will your offerings win their favor?

The Greek gods have decided that it is time to elect a new leader from their followers. However, whom should they choose? Certainly, it must be the one that shows reverence for the Pantheon, giving them the greatest gifts. However, the gods also know that the next leader must be cunning. This is going to be tricky.

In Kronia, you look to gain the favor of the gods, by making offerings at one of three temples. Over the course of 12 rounds, you use your Offering cards, placing them at the temples, hoping to have the highest-numbered card there. After you have placed your card, you have a chance to keep it there, swap it with another, or change which temple it’s at, all in the hopes of gaining the Favor of the god at that temple. You can concentrate your efforts to collect sets of one particular god, or be sneaky, using lower offerings to win their favor. At the end of the game, if you have the most points in Favor tokens, you’re the new ruler of Greece!

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